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Smart Hospital Initiative: Toolkit

This toolkit, stemming from the Safe Hospital Initiative, introduces Smart Health Facilities focused on enhancing hospital resilience, structural robustness, and operational efficiency through the integration of green technologies. Energy advancements encompass solar panels, electric storage batteries, and energy-efficient electrical systems, aiming to mitigate energy consumption and reduce the health sector's carbon footprint while providing hospitals with autonomous energy capabilities during emergencies.

Demonstrating both cost-effectiveness and resilience to disasters, Smart Hospitals demonstrate both cost-effectiveness and resilience to extreme weather events. For example, a Smart Hospital remained the sole functional facility following a severe storm impact, later becoming the critical water supply center for the community using rainwater reserves.

Global health professionals are encouraged to apply the success of this initiative as a model for addressing climate change and diseases worldwide. The emphasis on smart standards in health facilities serves as a strategic approach for mitigating global challenges.

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