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Carbon Emissions Learning Lab

Planning and implementing strategies to achieve net zero has become a core competency for modern hospital leaders. The Geneva Sustainability Centre developed the Carbon Emissions Learning Lab (CELL) to empower healthcare executives to understand the decision-making that can help hospitals reduce their environmental footprint while improving human health outcomes.

The CELL online learning tool provides an engaging management simulation in a realistic and , low-risk environment. Learners experience different carbon-reduction initiatives in during a multi-year scenario and to build an understanding of the long-term outcomes. CELL is easy to use and powered by real-world data. Hospital leaders Users can experiment with different projects to lower greenhouse gas emissions, see the predicted results immediately, and assess their impact.

By developing the knowledge and skills to become climate leaders, hospital leaders can reduce the environmental impact of healthcare delivery. Climate-resilient hospitals improve population health outcomes and promotee workforce wellbeing and improve the health of the community. For hospital executives, And pursuing environmental sustainability can also help to optimize a hospital’s operations, with cost-savings benefits amongst others. wide-ranging benefits including cost-savings.

CELL supports individual and team learning, helping to drive the transition to sustainable, resilient, and low-carbon healthcare. CELL was developed by the IHF’s Geneva Sustainability Centre in partnership with Sim Institute.

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