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The ATACH Working Group on Supply Chain

Recognizing that the supply chain contributes the majority of greenhouse gas emissions of health systems, the ATACH Working Group on Supply Chain (SC-WG) has a specific focus on emission reduction in the supply chain and to seek and promote solutions and collaborative action in order to ensure clean, green and sustainable health systems.

This working group primarily contributes to delivery of the second commitment area of the COP26 Health Programme:

The SC-WG meets at least twice a year to achieve its key objectives and help countries meet their commitments. Its objectives include:

  • Identify existing technical knowledge products and tools for building low carbon and sustainable supply chains and making them available to Member States and ATACH partners.
  • Identify, disseminate, strengthen and advocate for evidence and knowledge on key topics related to low carbon and sustainable supply chains (e.g. measuring and reducing carbon emissions from supply chain, sustainable criteria and standard for products and services, life cycle assessment, creating collective demand for sustainable products and supplies).
  • Identify and disseminate lessons and best practice from country and partner experiences in reducing the emissions from supply chain, and support learning.
  • Identify country needs to implement their commitments on low carbon sustainable health systems as they relate to supply chain and facilitate access to technical support.
  • Facilitate access by the health sector to climate change funding for health and ensure health sector’s capacity to develop project proposals on climate change and health is effectively strengthened.
  • Identify opportunities for collective action to contribute to and drive transformation in behaviour, principles and standards with a broad range of actors.

The SC-WG Workplan

The SC-WG has developed a workplan to support countries in fulfilling their climate-resilient health systems commitments under the COP26 Health Programme. The key priorities for the working group for 2022-2024 are:

  • Develop the business case for decarbonizing supply chains in and for health;
  • Develop a monitoring system that allows measuring progress in the implementation of the COP26 LCSHS as it relates to decarbonizing the supply chain;
  • Establish a mechanism under the ATACH that facilitates high technical standards for decarbonizing supply chains; and
  • Develop a community of practice and develop/facilitate access to knowledge, tools, and resources.

See the full workplan, including specific activities and partners here.


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