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The ATACH Working Group on Financing (FIN-WG)

FIN-WG aims to enhance the collective efforts of WHO Member States and key stakeholders to facilitate access to sustainable finance and resource mobilization, with a view to scaling up investments in climate and health. Resource mobilization refers to both funding and technical assistance that may be required by countries to be able to develop the plans and assessments included in their commitments.  Financing will also be needed for countries to implement those plans.

This working group contributes to both commitment areas of the COP26 Health Programme:

The FIN-WG meets at least twice a year to achieve its key objectives, which include:

  1. Reducing barriers to funding by delivering a shift in the international financial architecture available for climate change and health: This objective focuses on areas where a global shift can be delivered through the collective power of Member States and other key financial institutions and partners, as appropriate.
  2. Maximizing investments in health: This objective would ensure value for money by applying a climate lens and integrating climate resilience and sustainability in health financing to ensure available funds are used as efficiently and equitably as possible.

These objectives will be supported by the following levers:

  1. Monitoring: Track progress and performance of domestic, donor and multilateral finance agencies in mobilising resources to meet country needs to build climate resilient and low carbon sustainable health systems country identify; identify and track progress in addressing the barriers to different finance types; and monitor evolutions in use of financial innovations for climate and health objectives and outcomes.
  2. Knowledge sharing and analytics: This lever provides a forum for alliance participants to share expertise, knowledge and experience gained from analytics to inform access and use of finance for health and climate activities.
  3. Coordinating access to technical assistance: This lever would include support for the design of programs for adaptation and mitigation and for developing funding proposals –

The FIN-WG Workplan

The FIN-WG has developed a workplan to support countries in fulfilling their climate-resilient health systems commitments under the COP26 Health Programme. The key priorities for the working group for 2022-2024 are:

  • Increase ambition and awareness raising;
  • Increase the capacity of health sector access funding and finance for climate change and heath, including access to technical assistance; and
  • Assess and address challenges faced by countries to access funding and financing for low carbon sustainability in health systems.
Key documents

Please find below useful documents related to activities of the Financing Working Group:

  • Full workplan, including specific activities and partners 
  • Climate and Health Financing Needs: This slide deck summarizes the findings of a qualitative assessment of country needs and opportunities to mobilize financing for climate and health solutions. This assessment was performed through in-depth interviews with 8 countries conducted in February 2024 by the World Health Organization in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation.
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