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Application instructions for governmental institutions to participate in the ATACH

Government Institutions with a mandate for Climate Change and Health interested in joining the ATACH are invited to submit a request for participation by vcomplweting the form, linked at the bottom of this page.

Within the form you will be required to:

  1. Upload a letter signed by the respective Minister of Health. The letter should contain information on progress made or commitment towards climate change and health at the national level. The Secretariat shall assess such requests and inform applicants accordingly.
  2. Designate an overall focal point with their contact information, including full name, job title, and email address.
  3. Designate a focal point for each of the working groups the government institution is interested in joining (provide full name, job title and email address). The working groups are:
    1. Financing the health commitments on climate resilient and sustainable low carbon health systems,
    2. Climate resilient health systems,
    3. Low carbon sustainable health systems and,
    4. Supply chains.

Note: The main focal point to the ATACH may also act as the focal point for one or more of the working groups. 

Application instructions for non-State actors to participate in the ATACH

Note: The following application is to be used by non-State actors as defined in the WHO Framework of engagement with non-State actors. If you are a Member State representative, please follow the instructions outlined in the ATACH website.  

Eligible non-State actors

  • Nongovernmental organizations are non-profit entities that operate independently of governments and are free from profit-making concerns. Examples include grassroots community organizations, civil society groups and networks, faith-based organizations, professional groups, disease-specific groups, and patient groups. International associations of academic institutions are also included in this category.
  • International business associations (representing private sector entities) are private sector entities that do not intend to make a profit for themselves but represent the interests of their members, which are commercial enterprises and/or national or other business associations. They shall have the authority to speak for their members through their authorized representatives.
  • Philanthropic foundations are non-profit entities whose assets are provided by donors and whose income is spent on socially useful purposes. They shall be clearly independent of any private sector entity in their governance and decision-making.
  • Academic institutions are entities engaged in the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge through research, education, and training. This can include think tanks which are policy-oriented institutions, if they primarily perform research.

Section I: Rationale to participate in the ATACH

Send a request for participation to the ATACH Secretariat by competig the form, linked to at the bottom of this page.

Within the form you will be asked to include:

  1. Rationale to participate in the ATACH.
  2. Overall focal point of your organization (full name, title, and email address).
  3. Focal points for each working group the non-State actor wishes to join (full name, title, and email address). The working groups are: 1) Financing the health commitments on climate resilient and sustainable low carbon health systems, 2) Climate resilient health systems, 3) Low carbon sustainable health systems and, 4) Supply chain.
  4. Official name of the entity
  5. Official website of the entity
  6. Classification category of the non-State actor requesting participation in the ATACH

    -       Nongovernmental organization

    -       International business association (representing private sector entities)

    -       Philanthropic foundation

    -       Academic institution

  7. The entity’s legal status, such as founding document, bylaws or constitution
  8. The entity’s governance structure
  9. The names and affiliations of the main decision-making body members, such as Board and Executive Board
  10. The entity’s assets, annual income, and funding sources (such as list of donors and sponsors)
  11. A list of the entity’s main relevant affiliations.

You wll also be asked to sign the Tobacco/arms related disclosure  “Tobacco /arms related disclosure statement for non-state actors"

Criteria to consider applications from non-State actors

The applicant must:

be a legally established entity and not an individual,

  • work actively in the field of climate change and health and aligns itself with the mission, objectives, and functions of ATACH,
  • demonstrate proven expertise in the field of climate change and health, specifically with regards to the different Working Groups of the ATACH, commits to actively engaging in the work of the ATACH, provides required information on its organization as per paragraph 39 of the WHO Framework of engagement with non-State actors (FENSA) and signs the WHO Tobacco/Arms Disclosure Statement, supports WHO’s normative / technical policies,
  • not use its participations for promotional and/or commercial purposes,
  • the entity, if a membership organization, should have the authority to speak for its members and have a representative structure.

Responsibilities of participants

On joining ATACH, participants undertake to:

  • Adhere to the Terms of Reference, available to download below.
  • Promote the work, vision, goals and objectives of the ATACH.
  • Actively initiate and participate in ATACH activities, discussions and deliberations.
  • Participate, as appropriate, in the ATACH General Meeting (described in the Terms of Reference below).
  • Participate, as appropriate, in ATACH working groups.
  • Engage with other Participants in the ATACH priority areas; and
  • Share knowledge and information (lessons learned, case studies, programme results, etc.) with other ATACH Participants as appropriate.

Final Terms of Reference of the Alliance for Transformative Action on Climate and Health (ATACH)

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