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As part of its monitoring function on Climate Change and Health, WHO has established the baselines to track progress of implementation of the COP26 Health commitments. Data was collected between October 2023 - March 2024. Countries and partners were requested to provided information on relevant activities from 2020.

Vulnerability & Adaptation (V&A) asessment conducted since 2020


Health National Adaptation Plan (HNAP) developed or updated since 2020

GHG Emissions Assessment conducted for the health system since 2020

Low-carbon and Sustainable Health Systems Action Plan / Road Map developed since 2020

Responses from 81 countries / territories


V&A assessment completed

HNAP developed

GHG emissions assessment for health system conducted

LCSHS Action Plan developed

All results refer to 2020 or later


ATACH baselines by country/area 2023-2024*

Countries V&A Assessment completed/ updated since 2020 (Supporting partners) HNAP completed/updated since 2020 (Supporting partners) Climate financing received, covering 2020 or later
(Funding source)
GHG emissions assessment for health system completed since 2020
(Supporting partners)
LCSHS action plan for health system developed since 2020 (Supporting partners)
Argentina   2023 Yes (GCF)    
Australia Started Started   Started Started
Austria Started (Austrian Climate and Energy Fund) Started   Started Started
Bahamas 2022 Started Yes (GCF)    
Bahrain   Started      
Bangladesh 2021        
Belgium 2021 (Sciensano, Möbius, VITO)     Started (HCWH, Arup)  
Belize Started        
Bhutan   2023 (WHO) Yes (GCF)    
Brunei Darussalam          
Burkina Faso          
Cabo Verde   2023 (WHO)      
Canada 2022 (Various) 2023 (Various)   Started Started
Central African Republic Started (WHO, World Bank) Started (World Bank) Yes (World Bank) Started  
Chile       Started Started
Colombia Started     Started  
Costa Rica   Started      
Côte d'Ivoire Started 2021     Started
Democratic Republic of the Congo   Started      
Dominican Republic     Yes (PEPFAR, US CDC)    
Ecuador 2020 2023      
Egypt Started     Started  
Ethiopia   2023 (WHO, World Bank, USAID) Yes (FCDO)    
Fiji 2023 (KOICA) 2023 (KOICA) Yes (KOICA) Started Started (KOICA)
France   2023   2023 (Shift Project) 2023 (Shift Project)
Georgia     Yes (UNDP) Started Started
Germany 2021 Started   2023 (PIK)  
Ghana Started   Yes (GIZ, AFD, World Bank)    
Guinea (Republic of) Started (WHO)     2023 (WHO, Wellcome Trust)  
Indonesia 2023 (WHO)        
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 2020     Started (WHO)  
Ireland       Started (HCWH) Started (Health Service Executive)
Jamaica Started (Various) Started Yes (World Bank, FCDO, ERDF, GCF, IDB)    
Jordan Started (WHO) Started (WHO)   Started  
Kenya Started (Netherlands)   Yes (Belgium) Started Started
Kuwait Started        
Lao People's Democratic Republic 2021 (WHO) 2023 (WHO) Yes (GCF)   Started
Liberia 2021 (UNDP) 2020 (Conservation International, UNDP, EU)      
Madagascar Started  Started (Réseau SPE) Yes (GEF) 2023  
Malawi     Yes (FCDO, NORAD)   Started
Maledives   Started (WHO)     Started
Mauritania 2022 (WHO) Started (WHO) Yes (NDC partnership)   2023 (WHO)
Morocco Started (WHO, World Bank)   Yes (WHO, World Bank) Started (WHO, World Bank) 2023
Mozambique 2020 (WHO, Eduardo Mondlane Univ.) Started (WHO, Eduardo Mondlane Univ.)      
Nepal 2023 (WHO) 2024 (WHO) Yes (GEF) 2023 (WHO, HCWH) Started (WHO)
Netherlands Started (Various)     2022 2023
New Zealand   Started   2023 2022
Nigeria Started (WHO, FCDO)        
Norway 2023     2023 Started
Occupied territories of Palestine, including East Jerusalem Started (Deloitte, WHO)   Yes (GCF)    
Pakistan Started (WHO, FCDO)   Yes (GCF, FCDO)    
Panama 2021        
Peru Started 2022   Started  
Philippines   Started (Various)   Started  
Rwanda         Started (WHO)
Sao Tome and Principe          
Seychelles 2022 (Ecowatt)        
Sierra Leone 2023 (World Bank)        
Spain Started 2022   Started (ECODES) Started
Sri Lanka Started (ADB) 2024      
Tanzania     Yes (NORAD)    
Timor-Leste   2022 (WHO) Yes (GEF) Started Started (WHO, HCWH)
Togo 2020 (GIZ) 2020 (GIZ) Yes (Wellcome Trust)    
Tunisia Started (WHO) Started (WHO)      
Türkiye 2022 (Various) 2023 (Various)      
United Arab Emirates 2023 (WHO) 2023 (WHO)   Started (WHO) Started (WHO)
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 2021 2023   2024 2023
United Republic of Tanzania          
United States of America 2023 2023      
Viet Nam 2023 (ADB, UNDP, WHO)     Started  
Zambia 2023 (WFP, FAO, UNICEF, World Vision, CRS)        

Abbreviations: GCF = Green Climate Fund, HCWH = Healthcare without Harm, PEPFAR = The US Presidents's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, US CDC = US Center for Disease Control, USAID = United States Agency for International Development, FCDO = UK's Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, KOICA = Korean International Cooperation Agency, PIK = Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, ERDF = European Regional Development Fund, IDB = Inter American Development Bank, Réseau SPE = Réseau Santé, Population et Environnement, GEF = Global Environment Facility, NORAD = Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, ADB = Asian Development Bank, ECODES = Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo, GIZ = Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, CRS = Catholic Relief Services

*The recommended citation is: World Health Organization. ATACH baselines by country/area 2023-2024. [dataset]. World Health Organization: Geneva. 2024. Available from:

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