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Pathfinder envisions a world where everyone, even in the most challenging environments, has what they need to be healthy, thrive, and live the life they choose.

The climate crisis is already here. Climate hazards like storms and extreme heat threaten health directly, and a changing climate also shifts how people live and interact with the world around them. This can exacerbate existing vulnerabilities and inequities, keeping women, girls, and other marginalized community members from the table.

To build a more climate-resilient future, we need everyone to be able to participate in creating climate solutions. Doing that means building a future that is healthier and more equitable for all.

Supporting the following commitments:

  • Conduct climate change and health vulnerability and adaptation assessments (V&As) at population level and/or health care facility level.
  • Use the V&A and HNAP to facilitate access to climate change funding for health.

Country experience:

Bangladesh and Pakistan: Commitments 1 and 3.


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