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Joep Lange Institute Center for Global Health Diplomacy

Logo of the Joep Lange Institute

Stichting Joep Lange Institute (JLI) is a Nonprofit organization, founded 2015 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in response to the tragic death of Dr. Joep Lange, a Dutch clinical researcher specializing in HIV therapy who played a key role in making HIV treatments available in the developing world. JLI is a Global Health Think Tank with focus on Digital and Mobile Technology improving health care in developing countries.

In 2019 JLI established a Center for Global Health Diplomacy in Geneva, Switzerland. The Center focuses on promoting global health equity and cooperation through diplomacy, advocacy, and collaboration. The center strives to harness the power of diplomacy to address pressing health challenges, foster partnerships among nations, and advocate for policies as well as additional and sustainable funding that prioritize the health and well-being of all individuals, regardless of geographical or socio-economic boundaries.

Supporting the following commitments:

  • Use the V&A and HNAP to facilitate access to climate change funding for health.

Country experience:

The JLI Center for Global Health Diplomacy focusses on diplomatic and policy engagement at the global level. For this we do engage with partners in all regions of the world. At the same time, we are not involved in direct project/program implementation.


Site in English: 

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