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Public Health Initiative

Logo of the Public Health Initiative Nepal

Public Health Initiative is a non-profit organization registered under the Companies Act of Nepal. With the slogan "Social Innovations in Public Health," our mission is to provide equitable access to accurate, timely, and easily understandable public health information, Inform, engage and advocate on contemporary public health issues. Our Initiative "Public Health Update" becomes a popular public health portal in Nepal. Thousands of health professionals are connected with Public Health Update to get up-to-date public health updates, search for jobs, and explore opportunities.

Supporting the following commitments:

  • Conduct climate change and health vulnerability and adaptation assessments (V&As) at population level and/or health care facility level.
  • Develop a health national adaptation plan (HNAP) informed by the health V&A, which forms part of the National Adaptation Plan.
  • Set a target date by which to achieve health systems net zero emissions (ideally by 2050).

Country experience:

Nepal: Commitments 1, 2, and 3.


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