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Health and Global Policy Institute

Logo of Health and Global Policy Institute

The mission of the Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI) is to achieve citizen-centered health policy by bringing together stakeholders as an independent think tank. Over the years, HGPI has played a key role in conducting health policy research, developing policy recommendations, convening stakeholder meetings and events, advocating for policies, and creating resources for the public.

Since 2022, HGPI has launched the Planetary Health Policy Project, and we are working with a multi-stakeholder advisory board from industry, government, academia, and civil society to identify current issues and future steps to address the impact of environmental change on our health at the policy level from a "planetary health" perspective. HGPI is actively engaged at both the global and local levels to advocate for policies that build health systems that are climate-resilient, sustainable, and climate-neutral. Through these efforts, HGPI continues to advance its mission of providing and promoting public health policy options to achieve health, well-being, and equity.

Supporting the following commitments:

  • Develop a health national adaptation plan (HNAP) informed by the health V&A, which forms part of the National Adaptation Plan.
  • Set a target date by which to achieve health systems net zero emissions (ideally by 2050).
  • Develop an action plan or roadmap by a set date to develop a sustainable low carbon health system (including supply chains).

Country experience:

Japan: Commitments 2, 4, and 6.


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